Essoka Security debunks fake ownership remours

Nsoh Joseph CEO of Essoka Security company 

One of Cameroon's private leading security company Essoka Security, owned, by Nsoh Joseph, has debunk information circulating on social media, about the ownership structure and existence of the company.

Recently on social media, some online platforms such as Africa intelligence, Actu Cameroon and Cameroon Web on 14, February 2022, reported that Essoka Security is owned by the Director of the Presidential Security Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo.

The articles also reported that the British High Commission in Cameroon contracted the reputable security company to provide Security and guarding services for it's offices and staff residences in the country's political capital Yaounde courtesy of the said Major General.

In a press conference held in the head office of the security company, the CEO Nsoh Joseph debunked the information, terming it FAKE.

"ESSOKA security company is owned by Mr. Nsoh Joseph (majority shareholder) and has no affiliation with the major general of the Cameroon military,"

"We are focused on distancing ourselves from such pieces of information. However, if they continue, then i will be forced to think that it is a sabotage." Nsoh Joseph CEO of Essoka Security Company added.

Reacting on the contract with the British High Commission, the management indicated the contract was awarded after competitive international tender.

"The contract with the BHC was obtained after a competitive international tender launched by the BHC on the 31 of march 2021.

Press Release 

From creation in 1998, authorized by Decree № 2006/425, the Private security company has been under the supervision of Nsoh Joseph, with branches in all 10 regions of the country and head office in Bamenda. Thus all claims of ownership as reported are false.

Essoka Security provides CCTV Control, integrated security, time management system, car park system, alarm monitoring, door access, digital video recording, mobile monitoring and other services.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. Mr Nsoh Joseph is a force to reckon with. He owns the Essoka Corporation of which Essoka Security is a subsidiary