Bamenda: Health Minister Inaugurates CT Scan Machine, talks population to embrace peace

Public Health Minister Inaugurates the CT Scan machine

The medical staff of the Bamenda Regional Hospital have expressed immense thanks to the Minister of Public Health, Dr Manouda Malachie for providing a CT scan machine to the hospital.

CT Scan Machine 

Lodged at the Imagery Centre of the hospital, the new CT scan machine will help medical Doctors to better understand the internal problems of their patients before proceeding to treating them.

The breakdown of the old machine made work very difficult as scans moved from 599 in 2019 to zero in 2021. Since the installation of the new machine on the 16th January 2022, 207 scans have already been done.

Health Personnel gather to welcome the Minister 

The wonderful contribution of the Minister of Public Health was saluted both by the 2nd Deputy City Mayor of Bamenda, Lucas Ngu Afung and the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Nsame Denis.

They both appreciated the city council for the donation of a Standby generator to curb the electricity deficiency in the hospital, the acquisition of a brand new ambulance as well as the renovation of wards.

Dr Nsame Denis, Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital 

Dr Nsame Denis particularly saluted the Minister for the acquisition of 8 new haemodialysis machines which were installed in the hospital in 2021 and currently serving some 71 patients with kidney failure.

A donation the Minister said will be improved upon with a water cycling system around the Centre.

Speaking to the Health family, Public Health Minister congratulated them for putting up a tough fight against COVID-19. "Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for fighting like soldiers."

Minister Manouda Malachie 

The Minister announced a special bonus package for all the health personnel who worked tooth and nail to contain COVID-19 in the North West Region while encouraging the population to take the COVID-19 vaccine as vaccination rate in the region stands at 8%.

In a special plea from the heart, the Minister called on the population of the North West Region to embrace peace, love and stop the smoking guns for a prosperous Cameroon.

During a guided tour around the hospital, the Minister promised to assist in the current 5 year development plan being implemented in the hospital.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis and Fomusoh Rachel

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