Wum council Adopts 2022 budget, sets sight on huge agricultural investment

 Councillors at the Wum adopt budget 

The Mayor of Wum council, Dighambong Anthony has hinted councillors that the municipality will invest in the cultivation of plantains and pineapple in 2022 while doing a lengthy investment in piggery and poultry.

The project which the Mayor terms 4Ps will go a long way to create jobs for young Cameroonians residing in the municipality.

Mayor Dighambong was speaking in Wum 15th December 2021 as the councillors voted the 2022 budget which is balance in income and expenditure at 951 million francs. The budget saw a slight increase of 950,000 frs as compared to the 2021 budget.

Wum Mayor, Dighambong Anthony 

This increase, the councils says will help them to construct a workshop to manufacture of compressed blocks, support 10 persons living with disability, construct a museum and road maintenance.

Road maintenance which councillors of the municipality told the Mayor should be of great importance in 2022 as effective development cannot take place with bad roads.

While scrutinizing the budget, the councillors were informed that the council will benefit from 22 projects next year. 13 Financed by the Public Investment Budget (PIB) and the others with technical collaboration with some ministries.

Before the holding of the Budgetary Session, the Mayor visited some ongoing projects like the construction of the giant ultramodern Wum cattle market, Wum town hall and the newly constructed Market sheds.

During the visit of the ongoing projects, the Mayor advised the population to continue respecting barrier measures to fight COVID-19 in the municipality.

"We are trying that our population gets better services and for this to be effective, we are calling on every inhabitant of this municipality to put hands on deck and to those who think they can drag us behind, posterity will judge them.

COVID-19 is far from ending so let's keep watching by simply respecting barrier measures prescribed by the government." Mayor Dighambong said.

The Budgetary Session was attended by the SDO of Menchum, Abdoulahi Aliou who rated the deliberations as successful


Fomusoh Rachel

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