Bamenda II Council votes ambitious budget, seeks to create Equipment pool

Mayor Chenwi Peter 

Councillors of the Bamenda II Council have voted in unanimity the 2022 budget of the council which is balanced in income and expenditure at 1.8 Billion Francs CFA.

The budget which sees an increase of 200 million francs seeks to engage the council in major constructions across the subdivision in 2022.

Mayor Chenwi says the council will be purchasing heavy duty equipment that will help in the grading of roads and construction of bridges.

Bamenda II Council board 

For bridges, the council envisages to construct at least two, amounting to 57 million francs CFA while several boreholes in quarters and villages facing an acute shortage of water supply in the dry season will be constructed.

This will add up to the five boreholes constructed in Ntambag, Ntamulung and Mulang in 2021.

These projects that have let to the increase in the budget, speaks of the lobbying the Mayor and council executive has carried out in 2021.

The council recently won a bid to construct low cost housing from the Ministry of the Economy to the tube of 307 million francs CFA.

A project saluted by the Senior Divisional officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh. He says an adequate site to host the project will be chosen in the days ahead and the project engaged in the first quarter of 2022.

Another project which needs the intervention of the supervisory authority is to chose a site for the construction of a market.

With a call to increase revenue collection, all functional markets in the Bamenda II Council is controlled by the City council. So in a bid to raise its own revenue and stop the over dependence on government Subvention, the council plans to build lockup sheds in a secured neighborhood that will be commissioned to use immediately.

Speaking to the Press, Mayor Chenwi Peter noted that the social responsibility of the council to provide for the needy, internally displaced and others affected either by natural causes or the current crisis will continue next year.

Meeting Thursday December 23, 2021 at the Bamenda Ayaba Hotel, the councillors all praised the development strides made by the council and called on the Mayor to search for more projects for the municipality which if given will raise the council budget to above 2 Billion. 

This will take the subdivisional council from category 3 to category 2.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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