Bamenda II Mayor calls on Teachers to shun fear, regain classrooms

Mayor Chenwi Peter 

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council has called on teachers to shun fearand access the classroom.

His statement to the press this Tuesday 16th November 2021 comes after the Mayor carried out a tour to some primary and secondary schools in his municipality.

Mayor Chenwi Peter says that "we visited some schools like GBHS Bamenda, GBHS Down Town, PCHS Mankon and the students are there while the teachers are absent.

I don't want to think that these teachers are the ones sponsoring or fuelling this crisis. But I want to remind them that parents cannot defy the odds, send their children to school and the teachers are not there" Mayor Chenwi Peter said.

Schools have come under a serious attack since Friday 12th November when a little girl by name Tataw Brandy was killed by a Uniform officer in Bamenda. 

Calls from factions of the separatist leaders of the yet to be created state of Ambazonia led by Chris Anu called for a complete shutdown of schools in the North West and South West regions of the country, citing insecurity and killing of school going children as the reason. 

This received a backlash from parents on the ground. In his homily on Sunday, Archbishop Andrew Nkea condemned any attempts to force children out of school.

Other opinion leaders have called on the separatists abroad to keep their children out of school in solidarity. 

The infamous decision from the separatists was reversed 24 hours to normal school time in Bamenda. Though claiming that they cannot protect the security of the children. 

The parents took the challenge and sent their kids to school. Others met a classroom void of teachers. 

Mayor Chenwi Peter Salutes the separatists for reversing the decision and says this is a step in the right direction as education is the bedrock of quality development in the future. 

Students have been out of school in some localities in the North West region especially in the suburbs since an armed conflict erupted in the English speaking regions of Cameroon in 2016 as trade unions demanded reforms in the Education and legal sectors. 

This quickly metamorphosed into an armed conflict with new demands of an independent territory. 

Parents had since brave the odds to send their children to school and this latest attempt to stop them have been met with stiff resistance. 

Mayor Chenwi Peter says another assessment of the teachers in school will be conducted in the days ahead. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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