Anglophone crisis: Restaurant Owner incarcerated, Promise death



   Scores Rounded Up in Bafut For Sympathizing With Separatists
Several residents of the Nsani, Mankaa and Agyati Neighbor hoods in Bafut Subdivision, are reporting the disappearance of their family members friends and neighbors days after a military raid in the area.
 Some residents say several persons including children as young as 15, women and the elderly were rounded up in a dawn raid on the 16 and 17 of May, just days before the 20th of May.  Some were later released; others were tortured and left by the road side to find their way home while others have not been seen since then.
Mami Lum (not her real name), 56 said the women and girls were rounded up together and forced to sit with their hands behind their head at the Nsani Square. Different groups of soldiers brought others from different parts of the town. The men and boys she added were separated from them and taken to the Nsani ceremonial ground.
        She said they were repeatedly asked to show where separatist fighters are hiding or would be shot.  Here version of event has been corroborated by others but who were too scare to disclose their identity for fear of reprisals by the soldiers if they return.
Fru Neville a lawyer  based in Bamenda, said most of those arrested have been transferred to the Gendarmerie Legion Station Bamenda.  He added they have been denied legal representation and are being held incommunicado.

Officials of the 5th Joint Military region have remained tight lip about the arrest. Recently General.NkarValere, commander of the 5th Joint Military region had announced several military clean-up operations in Bafut, Bali-Widikum and Bui involving  hundred of soldiers, gendarmes and police  intended to rid these areas described as separatist strong hold of armed fighters.Human right activist have strongly condemned the arbitrary arrest and detention without trial of person caught during the crisis and the use of military courts to try civilians. Mr.Chongsi Ayeah Joseph Director of the Centre for Human Right and Peace Advocacy says such arbitrary arrest and the lack of the rule of law is what is helping to fuel the crisis. He has called on the government to respect international treaties to which they are signatory to and for government to open an inquiry into the senseless and rampant killing , torture and arrest of innocent individuals in the Northwest and SW region.


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