After Exceptional Works, Bafut Population Expresses thanks to Mayor

A Goat and a tin of palm oil used to express thanks by the Mankaa people 

The population of Mankaha in Bafut subdivision have congratulated the Mayor for constructing a bridge linking the village to Mbebili.

The people of Mankaha have clamored for this particular bridge for ages, having difficulties accessing different communities especially at night. It was with great delight that the inhabitants of the village sent their leaders with a note of congratulations to the Mayor of Bafut.

"Mr Mayor, the people have asked us to come and express their gratitude to you for finally making it easy for us to move to neighbouring communities with ease. On behalf of the community, they're not only happy but I am particularly grateful that this project has been realised." the assistant Quarter head noted.

With a goat and a tin of oil, the quarter representatives like Oliver twist requested for more projects to be realised in the municipality. Currently, the people of Mankaha are raising resources to build a community hall. Levies have handed to families to see how the two storey building structure can be constructed.

Responding to his guest, the Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence was surprised that people of the community can actually say thanks when a project is completed in their village.

Road leading to the Bridge

We requested the leaders to hand the building plan to the council and if the resources are there, the project will be carried out.

"the council is there for development. Give us a copy of the building plan and the council will see what to do and how to prioritise the project" the Mayor told the quarter executives.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence used his exchange with the Quarter leaders to make a fervent call for the people to continue respecting barrier measures against COVID-19 and go in for the vaccines and as he puts it ;"Bafut should not lose another soul to COVID" 

Ranking of councils 

Surprisingly, the municipality of Bafut emerged first in the execution of public investment projects in Mezam in 2021 and second across the region with an execution rate above 95%.

The municipality was an epicenter during confrontations between Cameroon's Military and armed separatists-looking to create a new state.

It has taken the dynamism of the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, the bravery of contractors and the collaboration of the population to have projects realized in the municipality in 2021.

Mayor Ngwakongoh has continued to preach the message of peace to all and sundry who want the subdivision to move ahead with development projects for as it stands, tax collection in Bafut is at zero.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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