Bamenda: Terror in God's House Again

Flyers requesting for Ma Nana's release 

Few minutes after 2pm on Sunday 24th October 2021, Christians of Presbyterian Church Ntamulung watched helplessly as gunmen made away with Elder Nana Anastasia.

-Nana Anastasia, the congregational Chairperson of the church was chartered away in her Mitsubishi Montero jeep in front of the pastor's residence.

This was just as the Presbyterian church in Cameroon concluded the induction of six regional secretaries led by the Rev Emmanuel Bassam Masok, Secretary Committee of the Ministry.

At the time of whisking her off, the Rev Emmanuel Masok had left PC Ntamulung while the moderator of the PCC, Rt Rev Fonki Samuel Forba did not make the trip to Bamenda.

Onlookers say with the nature of the attack, shows the gunmen had been around for quite some time while the service was ongoing.

Rev Emmanuel Masok leading a college of pastors to induct the Regional secretaries

24 hours after the abduction of the seasoned educationist and proprietress of Providence Bilingual Nursery and Primary school Ndamukong, the PCC is still to officially make a statement though some flyers are making rounds on social calling for her release. 

The current wave of kidnappings in the restive North West of Cameroon that has been under the scorching heat of an armed conflict for five years now has reached fever pitch with abductors now targeting God's house where the leader of the laity is picked. Her crime many have labeled is the desire to worship God. 

The kidnap of the veteran state lady in God's House has not gone down well with Christians from across different churches and brings to mind the recent shooting and killing of Grace Titalabit at PC Ntafoang, a church 19km from Bamenda - Capital city of North West Cameroon. 

On the 22nd of August 2021, an exchange between pro independence fighters and Cameroonian army led to the death of Grace and the Pastor, Rev Muntoh Simon shot on the arm. 

The moderator of the PCC issued a statement blaming the non state armed group for attacking the army close to the church that provoked the exchange.

A day later, the fighters called for an immediate ban on PCC activities in Bali till the moderator resigns. The ban was however lifted few days after.

With such a high level event to induct the Regional secretaries and eventual abduction of the church elder, a local journalist opines that this could have been an indirect target at the Moderator.

The whereabouts of Elder Nana Anastasia is still unknown.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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