UNIFORS plans to use Sport to unite Sop, eventually develop Ndu

MANDINGDING HC receiving trophy

United Forces of Sop (UNIFORS) an Association for Sop village in Ndu Subdivision, Donga Mantung Division in the North West region of Cameroon, targets sports as a means to bring unity and development in Sop village and eventually the entire Ndu Subdivision.

This was made known based on the aim of the just ended sport competition (Football and handball) that was organised in the viallge as a support system to Sop Cultural and Development Association SOCUDA, witnessing hundreds of participants and spectators from and around Sop Viallge.

"The aim of the competition is the empowerment of members while encouraging non members socioculturally and economically with a common goal of fostering and revamping developments as well as initiating developmental projects home through our mother association SOCUDA (Sop Cultural and Development Association) hence making it an energizer to SOCUDA"

Having as theme "UNIFORS tournament, the energizer of SOCUDA" and Coming at a time when the area faces the socio-political unrest, the team has envisaged in bringing people together targetting football as key aspect to unify the population in respect to tribal leanage. 

Champions Value the Gospel FC recieving trophy 

"Football being our key tool and as unifying factor that it is and has proven time and number is what we intend to use and may continue using as its working enormously in assembling and why not reconciling people of a Common tribal lineage which were dispersed all over the National territory and beyond, secondly to encourage and promote more sons and daughters of Sop into joining the various prestigious forces that makes up UNIFORS respectively."

The number of teams who participated were limited to those of Sop Village considering it was a start and a very first time to organise such a tournament. Due to the turn out and acceptance of the maiden edition of the tournament possibilities and considerations are being put in place involving all other villages of the Mbuntzi Field and the extend to the entire Donga Mantung Division in subsequent editions. 

The inception and creation of UNIFORS tournament dates back to March 21, 2019 in Yaounde by some sons and daughters of Sop Village working within the country in various distinguished works of life to unify and support SOCUDA. 

Membership into UNIFORS is limited to sons and daughters from Sop or to those who must have acquired links through birth or naturalization/acceptance and must pay annual registrations and a developmental fee as recommended in the internal rules and regulations.  

Value the Gospel FC emerged victorious 2#1 over Canon FC in Football while MANDINGDING HC beat WORKERS UNION HC 4#1 to clinch the title. 



CHAMPIONS: Value the Gospel FC


Third Third Prize: Nsam F C

Best Fan Club MANDINGDING Dance 



Second prize: WORKERS UNION HC

Third prize: CANON HC


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