Mayor Tanjong on peace crusade for eventual development

Mayor Tanjong Martin

Mayor of Tubah Council Tanjong Martin has called on all councillors to be peace ambassadors in the municipality in order to attractive investors and developmental projects in the municipality. 

He was speaking during the mid-term evaluation session for Tubah council held Wednesday September 16, 2021 in the midst of an imposed lock down by separatist fighters, highlighting the fact that so long as the area is calm and peaceful, investors will come in which will eventually bring development to Tubah Municipality. 

The socio-political unrest in its fifth year and counting has hindered development in several ways in the area. Projects which were earmarked for the area, some were unable to be realised due to insecurity. 

Despite the above hindrance coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, some PNDP projects have still been realized such as the safety net project making the lives of inhabitants of Tubah easier. 

While addressing the authorities of Tubah and councillors, the Mayor drawing reference from MINEPAT's ranking of reiterated that Tubah council so far in the entire North West region comes first in the rate of project realization due to the relative peace that reigns in the area. 

Garga Alim, DO of Tubah

For the year 2021, the council envisaged nine projects from the Public Investment Budget, six already realized and three others in progress. Under the council's budget, several feasibility studies have been carriedout which will come to the limelight in 2022. 

The greatest difficulty faced by the Tubah Council is the tax evasion by  business operators. So Councillors from Kedjom Ketinguh, Kedjom Keku and Bambui were tasked with sensitizing these villagers on the Community development tax payment brings.

The council session was closed with the announcement of a UNICEF project coming to the Tubah Municipality with children being the targeted beneficiaries. This session will be the last but one Tubah Council holds in the 2021 year.

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