Matchday One National Interpool: Gazelle, Rangers pick up wins, gets closer to Elite Two

.                   Rangers FC of Bafut

The West region of Cameroon was in flames this Sunday September 19, 2021, hosting two games of two pools of the National interpool played at Fotso Victor Stadium in Bandjoun.

During the first encounter of the day for pool B, North Regional Champions Gazelle FA de Garoua played host to their East regional counterparts Centre Professionnel Sportif De Bertoua beating them 2#0. Goals scored by Hadji Issa Moustapha 20 minutes into the first segment of the game. 

Coach Jules Ferry of Gazelle FA de Garoua and boys stood their grounds winning more of game time and performing brilliant moves but goals were difficult to come by. 

90 minutes plus, Soulei Sanda made it two for his side which crowned the victory for Gazelle. Gazelle mlw tops pool B with three points, plus two goals to their favour and will ne looking forward to take on FC Ebolowa in their next battle. 

Rangers FC of Bafut during the second game of the day counting for matchone in pool C, overpowered neighbours Riziere FC de Tonga 2#0. 

Coach Anumewa Franklin and boys proved beyond reasonable doubts they were ready to sail through. Though with Riziere made it difficult for them during kick-off, Rangers FC were able to recuperate play and eventually victory. 

Ejob Elvis opened scores for Rangers FC within 41 minutes of regular play time. While newly substituted Ledwine Aruna won a penalty 90 minutes plus and concerted for the second goal for Rangers FC, crowning their victory against Riziere. 

The champions of the North West region now leads pool C with three points and plus two goals 
Rangers FC will take on Best Stars of Limbe in their next and final battle for the Interpools.

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