Global Week for Action on NCDs: RADA communes with old, Abakwa Boys, sensitise the masses

A Cross section of the players 

To commemorate the Global week for NCDs (Non-communicable Diseases), RADA, a non-governmental organisation aimed at "Creating employment and impact by solving community problem for sustainable development," has partnered with persons with disabilities to raise awareness on the existence of such diseases.

NCDs according to the World Health Organization are cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks and stroke), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes. These are diseases which are common in our communities resulting from our lifestyles which eventually affects us in future. 

Celebrating this year's Global Week for Action on NCDs under the theme "Community Engagement" RADA in collaboration with Cameroon civil society NCD alliance organized an interesting encounter with the elderly men of Nkwen Baptist Church and maiden champions of Cameroon  National Amputee Football league Abakwa Boys AFC at CBC field which ended 4#0 to the detriment of the Abakwa Boys AFC. 

Players of Abakwa Boys AFC

The target of this activity was to unite the NCD movement to concentrate combined efforts with the aim of bringing deserved attention to NCD prevention and control Action. And "to put people living with NCDs, disabilities and the elderly front and centre as most have lived experiences of NCDs and their voices need to be heard by decision makers and actors."

During the game between both sides, tests on NCDs were done free of charge to both the players and spectators who watched the thrilling encounter. While advising them on methods of prevention to stay healthy and from being attacked by these diseases. 

Testing exercise 

This year's Global Week for Action on NCDs was celebrated from the 6-12 of September 2021, engaging community efforts and the power and potential of communities to act together on NCDs and drive change.

RADA's Secretary General addressing participants Ferdinant M. Sonyuy

The general public have been encouraged by RADA's Secretary General Ferdinant M. Sonyuy and members of Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBC to stay healthy and prevent NCD's which is also known as silent killers by reducing alcohol intake, smoking, while focusing more in drinking much water, and doing more of exercises. 

What are NCD's? 

Non communicable diseases are chronic health conditions that are not infectious and non-transmissible. They include; heart diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, hypertension, diabetes, mental disorders and cancers. They account for 41 million deaths equivalent to 71% annual global deaths. In Cameroon, 35% of annual deaths are due to these NCDs. More than 60% of NCDs in the community are undiagnosed. Most people turn up to the hospital at advanced stages when treatment and control is difficult to achieve.


Everyone has the right to participate in decision making about their health, helping authorities to deepen understanding of the needs of communities including people living with NCDs. 

Your participation helps identify gaps, explore solutions to challenges and balance the inputs, perspectives and interests of different people and groups.  

Anye Nde Nsoh

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