Cameroon:CAMTEL dismisses smear campaign against newly launched brand BLUE

Launched over a month ago, CAMTEL’s new brand, BLUE has continued to make in-roads in the telecommunications market in spite of the smear campaign from detractors.
The communication campaign that surrounded the launching of BLUE has steadily positioned the brand in the market much to the dislike of some detractors who recently embarked on a social media campaign to tarnish the image of the brand and the corporation as a whole.

However, officials at CAMTEL has sought to dismiss such social media claims as they stressed the colours of the brand were carefully selected.

Striving to make a difference

Following an unpopular social media campaign linking CAMTEL’s colours to unorthodox practices, officials stressed the colours of the brand are first and foremost part and parcel of the structure and fall I line with other telecommunications operators in Cameroon.

“CAMTEL is trying to create a special identity of the BLUE brand through its colours in order to make it stand out in the face of other competitors,” an official said.

Thus, social media claims linking the colours to unorthodoxe practices are nothing but an attempt to tarnish the image of the corporation with specific target being the General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday, who has modernised CAMTEL since taking over, the official added.

“Using colours to communicate is not new in the sector as has been proven by other operators who identify themselves with their own colours even without mentioning the name of their product,” a marketing expert said.

CAMTEL is no exception to this strategy, maybe they are victims of the outstanding nature of their product’s colour, he added.

Just Another Smear Campaign

With all the hurdles and banana peelings that CAMTEL’s GM overcame before the launch, it was obvious the brand’s presence in the market will provide sleepless nights to detractors.

Worse still, the brands successful placement on the market has again proven Judith Yah Sunday’s mastery and determination to make Cameroon’s incumbent telecommunications operator in becoming one of the country’s backbone on the road to emergence.

BLUE, the ideal

Now available nationwide, the BLUE brand will serve as the vehicle that transports CAMTEL fixed, mobile and internet services.

Clients have already been raving about the quality on price services offered by BLUE Home since in went into the market on August 31.

According to the General Manager of CAMTEL, BLUE embodies the institution’s values of Change Management and Customer Centricity which she sought to implement since taking over.

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