NWCA Brings Kola Coffee Closest to consumers

Sample of Kola coffee 

The North West Cooperative Association has opened a coffee shop adjacent UBC Bank, Commercial Avenue.

 coffee shop that serves exclusive kola coffee has been described by consumers as one in town.

NWCA coffee shop adjacent UBC Bank, Commercial Avenue.

Kola coffee, the lead brand of NWCA is of high flavour, specially made and easily prepared. It is done from the best coffee beans produced in the NORTH West Region of Cameroon.

The Kola Coffee shop is airy with very polite persons to serve you the best you can get from around.

The consumption of coffee is useful in nutrients including Vitamins B2, B3, magnesium, potassium which are very useful to the human skin. Coffee provide an energy boost and has the capability to provide protection against type 2 diabetes.

The North West Cooperative Association, founded in 1950, can boast of some 35000 growers in the North West region.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. comment se prepare votre café?

  2. That is so refreshing. I once tasted this coffee in an office, Up Station Bamenda but could not find it in shops. It was such a disappointment.
    Thank you NWCA for this new location.
    I'm so happy.

  3. How do you prepare the coffee?