NW Elite Celebrate Achidi Achu's Legacy

Elite of the North West region have paid tributes to the fallen Cameroonian statesman, Pa Simon Achidi Achu, Saturday June 26th in Yaounde.

The elite described the former Prime Minister as an astute politician whose sophistication was buried in his humility.

Philemon Yang

Former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, leader of the Delegation saluted the legacy left behind by the late Pa Achu. 

"Pa Achidi Achu demystified politics. He chose to be very pragmatic, used a simple language to bring people together and was a man of harmony."

Philemon Yang clearly stated that the pidgin connotations describing politics as "Na Njangi or scratch my back I scratch your own" is very philosophical and applies to today's contemporary politics across the globe.

The former member of the National Assembly and Senate was described as a man who never had a list of enemies, whose work on earth was aimed at bringing harmony and whose personality stands tall in solving problems. This were the rare qualities the President of the Republic saw in him to handle the turbulent period in Cameroon's drive to multiparty politics.

Minister Felix Mbayu

As Cameroonians continue to mourn the passing away of the legend, Minister Felix Mbayu, Minister Delegate to the Minister of External relations in charge of the Commonwealth, reminded the mourners to act like Pa Achu if they want Cameroon to be a better place

"He was a legend of proximity politics. He connected with the destitutes and was concerned about the issues of the poor. He fought relentlessly to get many out of poverty."

Minister Mbayu called on the elite present to be a little of who Pa Achu was, calling on them to share the little they have if they want Cameroon to be a better place. And by sharing with the least privilege, he says it will make the legacy of Pa Achu, immortal.

Hon Nji Fidelis

Identified by many as a generous man who could sacrifice his all for the needy, it was recounted that Pa Achu could barely take supper without a crowd. Hon Nji Fidelis says "he barely had dinner with less than 50 people."

The man Achidi Achu was framed as one whose gentleness attracted even those of the opposition to his side.

Judith Yah Sunday epouse Achidi, Wife to Pa Achu

On behalf of the family, Jude Tetan Achu, accompanied by Ma Judith Yah Sunday Epouse Achidi thanked the elite for coming and noting that Pa Achu was a man of impeccable integrity. He epitomises qualities like humility and the sense of rationality. Tetan described the father as a legend of human embodiment and a philanthropist 

The Man Simon Achidi Achu

Born 5 November 1934, Achidi Achu died 4 May 2021 at 87 in California, USA. The corpse of the late PM is expected to arrive Cameroon June 30 while burial is programme for Saturday 3 July 2021 in Santa. He goes down as one of those who have made significant contributions in fashioning modern day Cameroon. He became MP in 1992 shortly before his appointment as PM by President Biya 9 April 1992, a position he held till 19 September 1996.

He is credited for using his administrative experience and political savvy to calm the political storms brought about by the introduction of the multi-party politics and post-election uprising in the early 1990s. Achidi served as magistrate from October 1965 to 1966.

The former student of CPC Bali served as State Inspectorate in 1968, Secretary General in the Ministry of Civil Service in 1971, Minister Delegate for State Inspection and later Minister of Justice of the First Reunification government formed in 1972. The diehard CPDM party bigwig and member of the party’s central committee was appointed Chairman of the National Investment Corporation in 2003 and in 2004 served as member of the national commission for the coordination of President Biya’s campaign during the presidential election.

He was elected Senator in 2013 and later got the post of Vice President at the Senate Bureau. He is credited for playing a pivotal role in the creation of the General Certificate of Education, GCE, Board after facing pressure from Anglophones who wanted him to preserve the Anglo-Saxon education system.


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