GCE Examinations ongoing in serenity

Officials of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, GCEB and those of the ministry of Secondary Education have expressed satisfaction with the hitch-free start of the 2021 session of the written phase of GCE examinations nationwide.
Candidates taking GCE examinations nationwide
The hitch-free start is thanks to preparations made by Secondary Education Minister Prof. Nalova Lyonga, the Registrar of the GCE board, Dang Akuh Dominic and the Board Chairman, Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo.

They went to work and took measures to ensure the smooth organisation of the examinations especially with security challenges in some regions and the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.
Dang Akuh Dominic, GCE Board Registrar
Nationwide echoes after the first day of writing indicates smooth unfolding at the Ordinary, Advanced levels and the Technical and Vocational Education Examinations, TVEE.

Speaking after visiting some of the accommodation centers in the Centre Region, Prof. Nalova Lyonga, expressed satisfaction with the smooth start, noting that it was simply a tradition respected.
Secondary Education Minister, Prof. Nalova Lyonga satisfied with kickoff of examinations nationwide
“My impression is just very good. This is tradition. We are sure to say that the English-speaking areas have a tradition as far as examinations are concern and this is the tradition we are seeing displayed, all starting at the same time and finishing at the same time. We could see that even before we came, they were also settled in their classrooms, all ready to begin,” Minister Nalaova Lyonga revealed while expressing satisfaction to the respect of Covid-19 barrier measures in all the centres.

“They all have water to wash their hands and their facemasks. I think they are all doing their best to observe those measures,” the minister stated. The examination is unfolding under a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic where the candidates and invigilators are expected to strictly observe and respect all the barrier measures prescribed by government and the World Health Organisation.

Minister Nalova Lyonga had to this effect distributed anti-Covid-19 kits including buckets, soap, facemask etc to accommodation centres to assist school administrators ensure no case of the virus spreads into the writing centres.

Statistics from GCE board indicates that there are a total of 170 483 candidates registered candidates this year opposed to the 154 149 for last year. This gives an increase of 16 334 new candidates taking the exams compared to last year. The exams are unfolding in 336 examinations centres for the O/A levels and 97 centres for the TVEE nationwide.
Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo, Board chairman,GCE board
Statistics from the board further indicates that they are a total of 93 643 students registered for the Ordinary level this year as opposed to the 85 975 for 2020 making an increase of 7 668 new candidates.

The Advanced level also witness an increase of 2 254 new candidates as 13 263 registered this year as compared to 11 009 in 2020. The TVEE intermediate level has a total of 55 580 registered candidates compared to 49 699 in 2020 with an increase of 5 881 candidates while the TVEE Advanced level has a 531 increase in number of registered candidates with 7 997 this year opposed to 7 466 last year.

Despite being a crisis area, the North West and South West regions have also had an increase in the number of candidates sitting in for the exams this year with the NWR moving from 14 000 candidates in 2020 to over 20 000 this year while the SWR has 30 141 candidates for the O/A levels plus 7126 TVEE intermediate and advanced levels.

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