COVID-19 : Ntambag City Councillors gifts Health facilities, supports patients

City Councillors at Ntambag Health Centre

Three councillors of the Bamenda City board have stepped up the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the Ntambag neighbourhood popularly known as old Town.

The councillors who payed a surprise visit to the Ntambag integrated health Centre, the military hospital, Fight for Health clinic and the mother and child clinic, reminded patients and the hospital administration the importance to respect barrier measures of the COVID-19 and the necessity to go for their anti COVID-19 vaccine.

At Bamenda Military hospital 

Meyang Solange told the hospital that this was their premier outing and will definitely not be the last

"as councillors, are job is to defend of the interest of the constituents be it at the city board or the Bamenda II Council board. We discovered that the bucket taps donated by the council last year are aging out, detergents are no longer there. That is why we decided to start by visiting clinics within this quarter. We will continue with other strategic places. "

Madam Tameh Josephine 

At the Ntambag health Centre, the Director, Tameh Josephine praised the initiative of the councillors as almost all the tap buckets were giving way.

" The visit is timely. I don't know who told them that these buckets were already giving way, in fact one of them got bad and we are managing with this one. These items donated to us to go along way to improve on the hygiene and sanitation of this hospital likewise the fight against COVID-19."

As a reproduction health expert, Madam Tameh encouraged the councillors to inform pregnant women to use the ante natal and maternity services at center.

Councillors at the wards

Meyang Solange, Tasah Godlove and Ayafor Eric moved into the wards of the various clinics to see the condition of the patients whom they encouraged financially to have a comfortable stay.

Tasah Godlove says "good medication goes with quality food. That is why we had to support them to eat healthy while the medics do their job to administer drugs"

The councillors provided tap buckets, tablets of soap, toilet tissue and hand sanitisers. 

The three councillors of the Bamenda II and Bamenda City Council boards have promised to continue with sanitation upkeep in Ntambag next Monday


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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