North West: Regional Assembly Prepares Peace Building Budget

NW Regional Council 

 Principles and dynamics of programming budget and implementation was at the  Center of a  workshop  on April 6-8, 2021 in Bamenda  to help the North West Regional Assembly deliver on  the development aspirations of the region. 

The workshop was scheduled to end with an elaboration of the draft budget of the region, summed up in clear indicators for collective actions to achieve,. The draft budget  was elaborated  during the  workshop  that drilled the Regional Council Executive members on the dynamics of the performance budget - based approach. 

Setting the tone  on the workshop, the Speaker of the Regional council Executive, Prof, Fru Angwafo III stressed the importance of a Peace building budget for the region  which  features as one with a specificity  with the socio-political  crisis  to blame. The Speaker acknowledged the importance of the workshop with a road map and an action plan.

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, hailed the workshop as a concrete  translation of the commitment of the government to help matters in local development.

The governor said presentations at the workshop were tools or instruments to help the Regional Council Executive achieve  on their action plan. 

The Joint Interministerial team of  Experts from the Ministry of Finance, MINEPAT and MINDDEVEL, featured innovative presentations on Law No.2019/24 of 24th December, 2019 instituting the Code of  General Local Authorities, the impact on the financial regime of local authorities and the process of implementation of  transferred powers. 

The Head of Mission,  Ediage Jabea said the workshop was all about  creating  awareness on the innovative performance-based budget. The agenda also featured presentations on powers transfer process and implementation, generalities about the Programme budget, budget programming within regions,  planning process approach, budgetting in Programme budget, budget execution and citizen participation in the development agenda.

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