Covid-19 upsurge: Bamenda II Council embarks on massive disinfection

Bamenda II Council hands anti COVID-19 materials to PSS Mankon

In just the second week of march, 476 persons tested positive to the coronavirus in the North West region with 8 deaths. By the 9th of March, the positive cases rose to 563 in a single week and deaths increased to 12

These recent statistics from the North West Regional Delegation of public health means a rapid increase in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the region.

The second wave of the virus that has proven to be more deadly than the first, prompted the minister of secondary education to call on students to be tested before accessing classrooms.

With Education, the bedrock of the economy of the North West as opined by Mayor Chenwi Peter of Bamenda II, a massive disinfection of schools have been launched.

GBHS Down Town

Beginning with PSS Mankon, GBHS Down Town and Government Bilingual School Old Town, the Mayor promised that other schools will be disinfected in the days ahead.

Speaking to the school authorities at every stop, the first deputy Mayor of the council, Louis Angwafo, urged them to respect the measures put in place by the Prime Minister on March 17th 2020 and which are still in place till date.

Mayor Chenwi prepares classroom for eventual disinfection 

The Mayor also handed tap buckets, soap and face masks to the schools disinfected.

On behalf of the principal PSS Mankon, the VP of the second cycle, Echu Jack Mendi "expressed thanks for this gesture you have done here today to ensure we are not infected by the dangerous and deadly COVID-19. Thank you always for thinking about us" he said.

Mayor Chenwi Peter while at PSS Mankon also visited the dormitories under renovation by the council that were burnt on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2021. The male dormitory is at 80% complete pending the production of new beds and windows to be fitted.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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