As rains begin, North West Region almost cut off

Deviation being eroded

Buses and pedestrians have had it difficult to come into the North West Region this Thursday March 25th 2021 as a deviation started giving way in Matazem, Santa subdivision

The deviation developed cracks and started eroding as it could not withstand the heavy rains that started in the region about a week ago

Back filling ongoing

Buses had to take extra time and a lot of care to drive pass the deviation

Governors Lele LAfrique and Awa Fonka Augustine

Informed on this, North West Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique paid a visit to the site where works are ongoing to back fill the already completed bridge. To the Governor, contractors should respect their engagements

"Work will continue and we are appealing to the contractors to respect the engagement they have taken. We have also taken the necessary steps to secure the road. We cannot secure the road without the population. Everyone should get involved" NW GOVERNOR told the Press

To his colleague of the West Region, Awa Fonka Augustin, the stretch that gave way in Bababjou is now passable

"Trafffic has already resumed. Some contractors were brought in to make the road passable. In the days ahead, the Minister of Public Works will be here. Satom had stopped their activities and had received a warning from the Minister. In the days ahead, we will have the resolution"

The works carried out by Sogea Satom will need to be completed fast before the rains hit the ground again and completely sweep up the deviation

Bridge already completed

Matazem is the gateway to the North West Region and should traffic be affected, the rest of the region will bare the brunt

North West Governor inspects works

The difficulty in Matazem adds to a similar incident in Bambili where a culvert was swept off by heavy rains on Thursday March 24


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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