Bafut Mayor supports 'General Alahji' s' Daughters

Mayor of Bafut and Sonita

The Mayor of the Municipality of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, has encouraged Ngwa Sonita, daughter of amba general Alahji who resides in Douala

Alahji, who had taken the Saddle hill hotel hostage, implanting a camp and enjoying the luxury of the facility was forced to disappear from Bafut subdivision 

In an operation in June 2020 dubbed operation Bafut II led by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st motorized infantry brigade, general Alahji was dislodged, he succeeded to escape leaving behind his two daughters, 17 year old Ngwa Sonita and 6 year old Geraldine

The children spent two months between June and August 2020 under the care of the Regional Delegation of social affairs North West with full support from the army

On August 23, Sonita was handed items by Brigdier Generals Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine, of the 5th Joint Military and Gendamerie regions respectively to continue her hair dressing business in Douala while the fees of Geraldine were provided for the new school year

Six months after, the Mayor of Bafut has reinforced the capacity of Sonita's hair dressing business with hair dressing oils and other make up items needed for a modern saloon 

Mayor, Sonita and Aunt who takes care of the children 

Ngwa Sonita was pleased to know that the mayor thinks about them and their survival 

"I am very happy today to see that the Mayor of Bafut came to Douala and had time to support my business. By this business, I can also support my junior sister who is in primary 2"

The Mayor of Bafut used the outing in Douala to call on sons and daughters of Bafut to talk to their relatives back home to let peace reign. He says the Municipality has lost 600 million in credits since the start of the crisis


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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