NW Regional Council President calls on population to forget past, build future

North West Regional Executive

The President of the North West Regional Executive council, Prof Fru Angwafo III has called on residents of the North West to forget what animated the region in the past and focus on what will build the area.

He was speaking Friday, January 22nd 2021 as he was installed as the pioneer Regional Council Executive President for the region by North West Governor, Adolphe Lele LAfrique

Prof Fru Angwafo described his installation date as the start of a new North West Region where solutions come from the region, not the central government in Yaounde. The President further encouraged each person to be relevant where ever they're called to serve.

"For our region to shine, we should not look at what animated the past but should focus on what will reshape our region in the future," Prof Fru Angwafo III told the hundreds who cheered him.

The North West Region of Cameroon has been engulfed in a four-year conflict that has swept away several lives.

A minute of silence was observed in their memory as Prof Fru recommended: "may we never rise again for any more soul killed in this crisis." 

The 66 year old Urologist and former SG at the Ministry of Public Health will run the affairs of the regional assembly with an eight-person bureau.

It consists of seasoned personalities that have distinguished themselves in various fields of competence

Their slogan "Me na you, you na me, we be we," loosely translated to mean that 'Northwesterners' are one no matter our differences. "We can still forge together," he explained in his 35 minutes inaugural speech.

North West Governor arrived ceremonial ground 

According to section 359 sub 1 of Law no 2019/024 to institute the General Code of Regional and local authorities, the President of the Regional Executive council shall be the Chief Executive of the region

The Governor of the North West, representative of the state reminded them of their duties.

"Revitalize the economic situation of the region, bring back the region to the time before 2016. You are the right persons coming at the right moment to solve the challenges of the region"

Hundreds gather to welcome Regional councillors 

Governor Lele LAfrique told the population that they can stop the violence in the region if they make the decision.

The North West Regional Assembly has a bi-camera house. Regional Council of 70 divisional representatives and the  house of chiefs with 20 members.

Elected on December 6th, 2020, they will expected to deliberate on the  development needs of the North West for the next five years


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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