From struggle to strangle, a look at the Anglophone crisis, four years on

Ayaba Cho Lucas

In early 2017, euphoria grew up in people as young boys were coerced to think that they can easily pick up arms and divide the sovereign Republic of Cameroon. Videos emerged on YouTube with young boys being trained

The population decieved by Cameroonians abroad that Independence will come like a slice of watermelon, went jubilating that 'our boys' have come to liberate us

The Amba boys as they are known began infiltrating communities and villages that we're ready to receive them. Setting up camps, cutting roads, blocking supplies of medicines and drugs

This brought untold hardship to the local man, who could barely purchase goods of basic necessities. Prices skyrocketed to an unprecedented hike,forcing most people to flee these communities and their language changed to 'those boys'

Lucas Ayaba Cho self styled commander of the Ambazonian Defense forces (ADF), encouraged young boys to join the struggle and ensure that lawlessness prevails. He has on many occasions ensured that ghost towns are respected sometimes for up to 10 days

In a latest audio circulating on social media, he castigates the Amba boys who are collecting money from persons, kidnapping for ransom and paying burial  fees to the boys

In what seems to be double standards, Ayaba Cho in the 4mins53seconds audio lays the blame on the amba boys on the ground meanwhile he is their commander. He admits that Amba boys are a gang of criminals extorting money from the civilian population they claim to protect. From struggle for liberation into a strangle where no one has freedom

Amba boys torturing women with their kids

In a note circulating online seemingly coming from Bui Teachers in distress, they wrote to the Amba boys to stop disturbing them. In the note, they say more than 35 of them have been abducted and a total of 16.5 million paid to them as ransom to regain their freedom

Others have been beaten and money extorted

Ayaba Cho in his face saving audio, called on the fighters to emulate the South African model. Unfortunately, he as commander of the ADF is nowhere close to the ground

Amba boys with Dane guns

The international crisis group has reported that 4000 persons have lost their lives in this crisis and has retarded development in the two English speaking regions of the country

The leaders of the struggle are yet to receive any international endorsement and so the crisis is hitting the rocks

They're only good at deceiving people for money. Funds raised through Sunday offerings, My Trip to Buea, war draft have been brutally embezzled according to Eric Tataw, a Frontline activist. The self declared leaders are living in affluence while boys continue to die in a futile 'strangle'


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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