CBC: Rev Ncham Godwill praised for exceptional leadership at send forth service

Rev Dr Ncham Godwill, outgoing CBC Executive President

The chairman of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, Yosimbom John, President of the council of Protestant churches, Rev Fonki Samuel and a college of pastors of the CBC have praised Rev Dr. Ncham Godwill for his exceptional leadership of the convention

Speaking in Bamenda Saturday January 9th, 2020 the outgoing Executive President of the CBC was saluted for piloting the church successfully through the most difficult part of the church's history with the Advent of the Anglophone crisis and outbreak the coronavirus which affected the smooth functioning of institutions under the CBC especially the Mbingo Baptist Hospital

Rev Fonki Samuel, President of CEPCA

Elected in September 2012 in Ndu, Donga Mantung Division, the Rev Ncham Godwill was able to build the CBC to the rank of the fastest growing church within the World Baptist Alliance

At his re-election in 2016, he launched the CBC Development Fund as a means for churches and individuals to network in the building process of convention

Under the leadership of outgone President, the church registered enormous tranquility as feuds were almost absent

The National combined English Choir of the CBC

Rev Ncham Godwill has been at the central administration since 2001 before his election as President of the CBC

"No two leaders are the same. God called me for a specific mission, I have accomplished it. Please don't compare me with Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne (his successor). He is coming with his own style and mission statement"

"Mr Executive President, I am very much around. Willing to take on any task that you assign to me" Rev Ncham told the incoming Executive President of the CBC

Being one of the oldest churches in Cameroon, the Cameroon Baptist Convention has been able to acquire the necessary documents for the creation of a Baptist University according to the CBC Chairman, Yosimbom John

The farewell ritual of Rev Dr Ncham Godwill precedes the installation and dedication of the new CBC Executive President, Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne

Rev Ncham salutes CBC Chairman, Yosimbom John

The induction Sunday, January 10th, 2020 will take place at the Nkwen Baptist Church

Before his election, Rev Nditemeh was field pastor of the Yaounde field 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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