Bali Mayor at 50, celebrates with orphans

Mayor Wandum Ernest and family at the orphanage

The Mayor of Bali, Nwandum Ernest has clocked 50

The golden jubilee celebrations of the Mayor took him to Grace Tait Shelter orphanage at Foncha Street in Nkwen

Accompanied by his family and close friends, Mayor Wandum Ernest narrated to the orphans that he lost his parents at a tender age and grew up as an orphan

"I understand your plight, I know your difficulties reasons why I'm here today to celebrate my birthday with you. In the face of any difficulty, never give up. Never consider yourselves inferior in society. In here, I see potential leaders of tomorrow" the Mayor said

Orphans cut cake in his honour

He also reminded them that he came as a father and will come back as a Mayor  

Food items consisting of rice, cooking oil, food packs, cartons of toiletries and soap were handed to the over 25 orphans presently at the orphanage

The administrator of the Grace Tait Shelter orphanage appreciated the Mayor for coming to celebrate his birthday with them. He also enumerated several challenges faced by the orphanage, requesting for continues support from the Mayor and his friends

Wandum Ernest was elected Mayor of Bali council in 2020 after serving as First Deputy since 2013

He is a seasoned teacher of literature


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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