Anglophone Crisis: Killing of Journalist Rebecca Jeme, one dead too many

Becky Jeme Iyabo

It was in the wee hours of Wednesday January 6th, 2020 that the Journalism sector was taken aback when news of the death of Rebecca Jeme popularly known as Becky Jeme Iyabo was announced

The Regional Delegate of Communication for the North West, Dr Louis Marie Begnie seized some WhatsApp platforms to announce the death of the Divisional Delegate of Communication for Momo

She was in a convoy returning to Mbengwi after the installations of Harra Amatangana Maxim as Divisional officer for Ngie and Benjamin Belinga, Divisional officer for Njikwa

Their convoy came in contact with an Improvised explosive device (IED) in Njikwa according to a release from the legion commander of the North West, Colonel Boum Bissoue

His release further states that four soldiers died in the process

Journalists have been crying, updating their WhatsApp statuses and asking why Becky? She was full of life just yesterday after returning from her annual leave in Buea and her first mission of the year ended in her demise

The four soldiers and Becky adds to the more than 3000 persons who have lost their lives in the  four year old Anglophone crisis

Heads of teachers, police officers have been cut and planted at road junctions. Toddlers have also lost their lives

Women have been the hardest hit with the butchering of Florence Ayafor and Tummasang adding to the numerous women like Treasure whose veins were cut and she bled to death

The killing of seven school kids in Kumba on October 24, 2020 amongst which was Victory, an only child sparked a general outcry

But the guns are still smoking. Many more people are dying in what a majority says is a senseless war. Four separatist fighters were killed in Balikumbat on New Year's day and today, four soldiers gave up the ghost plus a delegate

While secessionist loyalist think a genuine dialogue is needed to end the crisis, the Head of state on December 31st resolved that those who did not drop their arms will be neutralized

He also promised to track to the last enabler of the crisis down meanwhile secessionist leaders abroad have continued to collect monies with different names used to fund the war

In all, the economy of the English speaking Regions are limping with economic development far-fetched. Schools in remote areas remain close for the fourth year running. 

When will a truce be struck to ensure an end to the crisis? 

Government advises separatist fighters to join the Disarmament, Demobilization and reintegration centres to be gainfully employed after. Many have outrightly refused saying only independence will resolve the crisis

It is time a permanent solution is reached for an end to this war that has claimed the lives of many for simply being tagged blacklegs or people who just tried to exhibit their profession. It is time that the warring parties put the lives of the common man first and end this war


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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