Regional Elections: NW CPDM Launches campaigns despite obvious Victory

*Philemon Yang officially launching campaigns in Bamenda

The Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM have launched campaigns for the December the 6th first ever Regional Elections in Bamenda

With the CPDM having 33 of the 34 councils in the North West region, it is obvious the party will win all 70 seats at the Regional house

Also, the CPDM is running unchallenged for the first time in their history in the region that was hitherto the bastion of the SDF

During the launch of campaigns, the permanent Regional Coordinator of the CPDM to the North West Philemon Yang stated with all authority that this Elections will fast track the decentralisation process in the country

Militants and sympathisers turned up at mass 

The former Prime Minister saluted the efforts of grassroot leaders of the party who have returned the region to the CPDM for effective development

"We will take back our region to carefully reshape and ensure it is more safe, productive and that has a future"

Speaker after speaker explained to the Municipal councillors and aspirants to the Regional house the advantages that will come with Regional council and the special status

"They will be an end to the numerous trips to Yaounde to chase things. This is effective Decentralisation and we will be in charge of our own development" Senator Regina Mundi highlighted bad she presented the aspirants to the councillors

The regional elections will also see the setting up of the House of Chiefs that will act as upper house of the assembly with a mandate to have a second reading of deliberations adopted at the Regional council

The law further provides for the office of a public independent conciliator who will help to solve conflicts reported to him especially when there is a friction in the Descentralised units of the state

Of the 70 councillors expected to be voted on December 6, the North West will have A president of the Regional Executive council, 3 Commissioners, two secretaries and one question 

The CPDM has 1057 of the 1088 councillors across the region and will pilot the affairs of the first ever Regional Assembly for five years


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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