NW Governor articulates difficulties faced in maintaining security as MINDEF visits

Minister Beti Asomo

The Governor of the North West region Adolpe Lele L'Afrique has addressed some difficulties faced by the region in reinstating long lasting peace in the region.

In welcoming the Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of Defense, he presented a series of worries faced by the Region and the defense forces.

"We are facing some difficulties in terms of security equipments for the smooth reinstatement of long lasting peace in the region. In terms of infrastructure, the roads into the region is bad not to talk of roads leading to the various divisions and subdivisions."

Addressing Administrative and top military commanders at the MINEPAT Hall up station Bamenda, the minister condemned the killing of school children in Kumba, South West region and called on all those still in the bushes to join the DDR centres.

"I want to say that all those still in the bushes should drop their arms and join the others in the DDR centers as stated by the president for an effective reintegration."

To him "school going children should be protected to enable them build a solid future for themselves."

North West Governor outlines challenges faced this far in maintaining peace

He then reiterated the fact that the forces of law and order are there to ensure the security of the population as a whole. And for the population to work in collaboration with the defence and security forces for long lasting peace to return.

The minister before the security meeting visited wounded soldiers at the military hospital where he encouraged for their sacrifices to the nation.

He also used his visit to the region to condemn excesses on the population by the military and says perpetrators will not be spared.

He has promised to look into the issues raised by the Governor for an effective operation on the ground

The Minister's visit come months after an operation known as "Bamenda Clean" was launched to get rid of Separatist fighters hiding in neighbourhoods

In October, North West Governor described the operation as haven been successful, with denizens going for days without getting gunshots

The "Bamenda operation" coupled with the restriction of bikes has greatly reduced kidnapping in the urban centre of Bamenda

Minister Joseph Beti Asomo who left the South West for the region, still needs to ensure that road blockages from one Division to another is totally curbed as well as attack on schools and children


Anye Nde Nsoh

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