Peter Ngufor laments over killings, craves for development

Pa Peter Ngufor

When killings take the place of peace, underdevelopment becomes the effect reasons why since the  outbreak of the Socio-political unrest in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, certain inhumanities have surfaced with brutal killings, abductions, maltreatments and other negative vices becoming the order of the day. 

With such deeds, fear, confusion and frustration has overtaken the inhabitants of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. People have lost family members and loved ones, families have been separated not leaving out properties destroyed. 

The recent killing of students in Kumba coupled with the Ngarbuh incident has caused Pa Peter Ngufor Ngah, CEO of Farmers House  to lament on such acts and has called for all to have in mind the future of the country.  

"We have a problem that affects the whole country. What happened in Kumba, I do not know how to describe it. If it is the Forces of law and order or separatist fighters it is not correct and does not make sense.  Innocent children and parents have been slaughtered in cold blood. I do not accept such. There are laws that protect children and women but in our country we let it go." The agronomist said.

Where are we heading to, what is our focus? Were questions amongst many in the Agronomist's mind as he further pondered about the future of the nation to which he noted that a life of killing will not develop Cameroon. 

He termed the act of separatist fighters in the bushes as frustration reasons why a reasonable solution has to be brought forth rather than brutality elucidating that "We are begging, we are on our kneels,  mothers have done it and we are still doing it let the authorities bring this war to an end. Those committing these atrocities should be called to book."

Poor infrastructural developments in the country has been caused by the fights which is rather not yielding any fruit for the country 

"We are wasting precious time. Instead of fighting and killing ourselves we should develop our area. Other countries are developing we are regressing. We should be nation builders and not expect rewards in return." Ngufor added

He concluded by advising that publicity should be done about investigation and results on such acts so as to avoid further similar happenings.

The crisis which had began like a joke in 2016 has further degenerated into an armed conflict with wanton of killings and atrocities committed on a regular basis.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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