Decentralisation Drive: Prospective Regional council building inspected, Minister assures Mayors

Minister Obam decorated by North West Mayors

The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam has inspected possible sites to host the North West Regional council

The inspection visit, Tuesday October 20, took the Minister to the Regional Delegation of Tourism and Leisure where the office space was evaluated if it could fit into the plan of the state

The Minister then took the roads to a residence owned by Brigadier General Agha Robinson, former commander of the 5th Military Region. Here, the space, parking and conference hall were appreciated

Building of General Agha Robinson, one of the sites visited

Minister Obam in a tete-a-tete with Mayors was told to do all within his power to ensure that credits send to the North West since 2017 and have not been executed should be reprogrammed from 2021

The Mayors also asked the Minister to work with his colleague of Defense to provide more service cars to the defense and security forces so as to help them get back to their council areas

Minister Elanga Obam chairs working session with Mayors

In a welcome address presented by Paul Achobong, City Mayor of Bamenda, he noted with dismay the fact that career profile is missing in councils and tasked the Minister to ensure that NASLA(National school of local Administrators) meets their needs

He also applauded the Minister for working hard and realising the Code of Regional and local authorities which empowers Mayors

In his response, Minister Georges Elanga Obam was categoric that the setting up of the Regional council will usher in the special status

"I came here to have a meeting with the administration on the high instructions of the President of the Republic to find the building that can host the Regional council"

"I also had a very fruitful discussion with Mayors. We had considerations about the human resources, finances, civil status and others. We gave some advices where it was necessary, we made strong recommendations and gave instructions" Minister Obam told the press

Cross section of Mayors

The first ever Regional Elections in Cameroon that is seen as a drive to fully implement the Decentralisation drive of the Republic have been slated for December 6, 2020

The North West Region will have 70 councillors at the house of Divisional representatives and 20 members at the house of chiefs

The maiden visit of the Decentralisation boss to the region is to renew hope with his collaborators as 15% of the budget of the state of Cameroon will be decentralised from 2021.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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