Bamenda Blows Wood ash cursing preparators of Kumba Massacre

Women blow wood ash to cleanse the land

After thousands of women demonstrated in Bamenda Tuesday October 28 to the Governor's office, more women have joined in the grief

In a solemn ceremony to mourn the souls of the seven who departed at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Kumba, Senator Mrs Regina Mundi organised a solemn ceremony at the Bamenda commercial Avenue Grand stand

With dirges asking where the children are, calling on God almighty to intervene for long lasting peace, the women wept with peace plants and placards

"Children's lives matter, stop the senseless Killings"

"Children have a right to life, Education. Stop all violence against children"

"Children are our tomorrow, protect them today"

"Terrorism must End"

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi calls on youth to abstain from drug consumption

The women with tears running down their cheeks recalled the death of Victory, an only son who was conceived after 10 years, killed

The mothers went to the ground to call on the earth to hear them, for it to swallow all the atrocities that have been taken place in the North West and South West Regions

The four year long conflict in English Cameroon has taken some 3000 lives, with mass killings taking place in some communities like Ngarbuh in Donga Mantung

Hundreds of villages have been burnt down with access to some villages difficult

Women have been raped, hands of men maimed and development projects brought to a stand still

To the mothers from all walks of life, this is just too much. 

"One child that is killed, affects us all. We cannot give birth to children, plan for their future just to lost them like this. This is unacceptable"

In the North West Region of Cameroon, when situations have gone out of hand, perpetrators are of heinous crimes are barnished 

Women weep profusely at the killings in Kumba

The mothers blew wood ash into the air to barnish the perpetrators of the Kumba massacre. In typical North West tradition, this is equivalent to death

The women were encouraged by Senator Mrs Regina Mundi to take the message of peace back to their respective communities and work places, advise their children against the consumption of hard drugs and dangerous substances and face the Lord

Women wave peace plants to call for end to the senseless Killings in English speaking Cameroon

The women lit a candle with renewed hope that guns will stop smoking in the English speaking Regions of Cameroon


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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