Bamenda-Babadjou road: Thousands left stranded as road breaks

A view of some cars driving out of Bamenda

Heavy rains in the city of Bamenda on Thursday October 8, 2020 swept off parts of the Bamenda-Babadjou road precisely at Mile 8 Akum

The deplorable situation at the spot forced thousands who were leaving Bamenda to carry out other transactions to return home

"I left Bamenda yesterday at around 10am and we are still here. Climbing that stretch was impossible" a driver at Vatican Express told the Observer

"I have been here since 5am yesterday. We slept here and we don't even know when we are going to leave this place" Mary Suh narrated to The Observer

The spot badly damaged by the rains

Those entering Bamenda from Matazem had to wait for an hour as the buses slowly glide through the bad road

Cues of vehicles could be spotted trying to drive out of the city but as at the time of this report, they were stocked

Commuters have been forced to go through unbearable pain since heavy rains started in the month of July

Road breaks, construction of bridges, poorly constructed diversions have rendered the people to weep for hours when either entering Bamenda or leaving

The last time this happened, was exactly seven days ago

It took the intervention of people of goodwill and some drivers to try and render the road passable this October 9, 2020

More than 20, 75 seater buses spend an hour to cross the spot

Reconstruction works on this stretch of the road were launched in May 2017 but since then, the construction has been on a snail pace

Bamenda, capital city of the North West is the third most buoyant town in Cameroon without an access road

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