Back To School: Tubah is Ready

Hon Agho Oliver joins population to clean CCAST Bambili

The population of Tubah in Mezam Division have started cleaning up their school premises ahead of the new school year

The population, both old and young came out as one man to clean both public and private institutions conspicuous amongst them, the age old CCAST Bambili

The institution that has been in existence for close to five decades had its campus covered with wild grass

Agho Oliver and Fon Afungchui pose for a photograph

To ensure that the institution is fully ready for the October 5, 2020 resumption, The Fon of Bambili, HRH Afungchui III and Honourable Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah Constituency saluted the bravery of the population

"I was inspired by the outing of the MP to hand Didactic materials to school going children who have been orphaned by the ongoing Anglophone crisis. His donation last Sunday serve as a booster to me and my people. That's why we decided to clean this campus for an effective resumption of classes" HRH Fon Afungchui told The Observer

Hon Agho Oliver handed didactic materials to some 200 pupils and students who have lost their parents in the current anglophone crisis on Sunday September 27 at the DO's office in Tubah

His visit to encourage the community at CCAST Bambili was saluted by the population

"For some time now, schools have not been ongoing. So when we heard that schools will resume on Monday, that is what motivated us to come out and keep the environment clean for our children. Our children cannot learn in an environment that is not clean, as well as teachers cannot come to teach in such an environment. That is our motivating factor." One of the quarter heads affirmed

Stakeholders of the educational sector in a meeting with the DO of Tubah, Friday October 2nd 2020 pledged for a hitch free back to school on Monday 5th October 2020


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