Quarter Football Lives on Despite Ban

Government Bilingual School, Old Town

The Senior Divisional officer of Mezam Division Simon Emile Mooh Wednesday July 22, 2020, after attending Bamenda II council Mid-year evaluation session, banned all forms of collective sporting activities.

His decision is backed by the persistent increase in the number of infected Coronavirus cases in the country which stands at 711 infected persons, 518 recoveries and 66 deaths as of August 5th 2020.

“You should also know that I am signing a Prefectural order banning all collective sporting activities between Mezam.” Mezam SDO July 22nd

Government School Upstation

Though this is combat the fast spreading virus, some recalcitrant inhabitants have decided to ignore the order and are carrying on with collective sporting activities.

It should be recalled that COVID-19, caused the suspension of leagues round the world, brought an early stop to local leagues in Cameroon and Cameroon's hosting of the African championship and African cup of Nation were all postponed.

Preceeding the SDO of Mezam's decision, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education prof Narcisse Mouelle Ikombi, in a press release dated Wednesday July 29, reiterated the call for a temporal suspension of collective sporting activities. This includes all forms of tournaments organized.

Parcours Vita's (Yaounde, Douala and Bamenda), National Institute of Youth and Sports, National Youth and Sports centres and decentralized services of MINSEP will remain open to provide assistance, counseling and follow-up to the general public that is encouraged to practice individual or organized sports activities in small numbers.

Confirmed cases in the country stands at 18,042, 15,320 recoveries and 395 deaths.

Collective Sports will obviously increase contamination and should be avoided.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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