PCC Synod Clerk Launches Conflicts Transformation Workshop for Peace Builders

Cross section of participants

The Synod clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Rev. Miki Hans Abia, has officially launched the 4th edition of the Training of Trainers workshop in Conflict Transformation of the PCC Peace Office taking place in Bafoussam. The workshop was launched via Skype Monday August 2, 2020.

Rev Miki Hans launching the workshop via Skype

While launching the 10-day workshop, Rev. Miki Hans Abia reminded the 20 participants on the relevance and importance of the workshop especially in the context of Cameroon. He challenged the participants to be peace builders wherever they find themselves. He called on all the participants to put in all efforts in the workshop.

"You all have been carefully selected, so we call on you to pay attention, put in all your efforts and every bit of resource in you so that we leave Bafoussam filled with issues about peace, to become real multipliers, agents and peace and conflict transformation", Rev Miki Hans said.

Rev. Ngongang Paul, Presbytery secretary for West Region

Drawing inspiration from the book of Isaiah 2:1-5, the Presbyterial Secretary for West, Rev. Ngongang Paul called on the participants to commit their plans in the hands of the Lord and success will be theirs and that God's faithfulness gives us hope for the future. He said, instruments of war will soon be converted to instruments of farming.

To the National Peace Coordinator, Rev Nta Williams Nche, who was part of the second batch of trainees, enumerated the success of the Training of Trainers workshop.
"With this training, I have  been able to use this knowledge to impact the community. The PCC Peace Office have been strongly motivated because those who have passed through this program have been a blessing to the community", Rev. Nta Williams Nche said.

Group picture of participants

For the next 10 days, the 20 participants shall be drilled on workshop Conceptualization, Peace and Peace building, conflict transformation, project writing, Stress and trauma, violence, nonviolence and Communication amongst others.

At the end of the 4th edition of the Training of Trainers workshop, participants are expected to be transformed transformers.

The 4th edition of the Training of Trainers workshop in conflict transformation is sponsored by the PCC Peace Office and Brot für die Welt.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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