Nigerian Union decries Maltreatment of Domestic Servants

Women's wing of Nigerian Union, Bamenda

The Nigerian Union in Bamenda through it's President and the President of the women's wing have decried the maltreatment of house helps by fellow Nigerians in the North West region. 

Speaking shortly after a tour to Abia state on Sunday August 23, 2020, Prince Otebong Ituen frowns at the treatment of domestic workers as second class persons and reiterated his will not hesitate to bring defaulters to book. To him, slave trade had been long abolished and should not resurface. 

"I think it is under control that is why I keep sending messages of warning that I will not hesitate to join with the forces of law and order to prosecute Nigerians who turn to treat their house helps as slaves. Slave trade had long been abolished. I caution them to take precaution before it is too late." Prince Otebong warned. 

President and Wife on Nigerian Union, Bamenda

To lay more emphasis, Margaret Ovayozo Ituen president of the Nigerian Women's Wing stated that sanctions which will be matted on defaulters. This comes at a time when information had been circulating about Nigerians treating house helps as slaves. 

Defaulters will have a certain amount to pay as fine. Speaking for the women, the president of the women's further says;

"We believe that every mother should be a mother to every child whether your biological child or not. We came up with a resolution to place a fine of 100,000frs to any woman abusing a child whether male or female living under her roof."

"We also agreed that before paying that sum,  we will assemble as women,  match to the Defaulter's home with grass in our hands to make the woman know the gravity of what she has done." Magarate Ovayozo added. 

Abia state indigenes

Through out the president's visit beginning with Imo State to Abia state, the issue of maltreatement is the first of it's kind which has been raised. All through, harrassment along Bamenda-Ekok road, kidnapping of members, deprivation of maximum participation and representation in the Elders council, reduction of fines imposed on members and replacement of cultural adviser has been the cry of the people.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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