National Gendarmerie: Illicit Fuel, Goods Impounded in Bamenda

sea of containers impounded

Illicit fuel mostly imported from the Federal Republic of Nigeria litters the streets of Bamenda, capital of North West Cameroon

Every 10 metres, plastic bottles used as measurement containers as well as bottles, mounted on some boxes serve as fuel stations

 This very risky activity is on the rise in Bamenda, decreasing the income of fuel stations, with taxes not paid to the state treasury

On the night breaking August 7th, 2020,  trucks transporting fuel were intercepted at Ntaturu motor park in Mankon, Bamenda

Some 676, 30 litre containers, about 150 empty containers, Canned Drinks and milk were retrieved from the trucks

Colonel Boum Bissoue

North West Legion commander, Colonel Boum Bissoue saluted the population for the cooperation with security forces

" This operation was thanks to a tip off from the population. I wish to thank them for this confidence in us and continue to call on them to rely on us for their safety and protection" the legion commander said

The habit of keeping fuel at home is very risky as lives have been lost on the Bamenda-Ekok Road. Skeleton of burnt vehicles transporting fuel can be spotted as you ply that road. 

Col Boum calls on the population to discourage such practices

" We have seen what happened in Lebanon. People keeping inflammable liquids. We have to prevent such from happening here"

Marijuana wrapped in old shoes

During the operation the National Gendarmerie were able to retrieve a mask used to disguise alongside two bags of marijuana, one wrapped in old shoes

The illicit fuel business employs a good number of young Cameroonians who testify that finding jobs have become very difficult in Bamenda. 

Canned drinks impounded

Car and bike owners in Bamenda prefer to use illicit fuel which sells at 500 Frs per litre far below  the stipulate 639 Francs. Its cheap nature and availability along the streets of Bamenda makes it a precious liquid

In March 2020, two Gendarmes were killed at the Ntaturu park in Mankon. Since then constant patrols have been set-up to ensure that relative peace returns


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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