Civil status Documents: INADES Formation sensitises stakeholders

Participants attending workshop on the importance of Civil status Documents

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates have always been regarded with little or no value by some Cameroonians particularly the Mbororo community. Some parents find it useless producing either of these civil status documents till a certain point wherein it becomes complicated. 

Inorder to solve this problem INADES Formation program sponsored by PROCIVIS have sensitized Municipal and Traditional authorities, religious leaders, leaders of women and youth groups, mbororos and health personnels, through a workshop aimed at educating participants on the importance of obtaining civil status documents and on time. 

The workshop on Friday August 7, 2020, saw the participants taught using short videos on the importance of these civil status documents, preceded by a question and answer session, letting participants present their worries for eventual clarification. 

Regional Delegate, INADES Formation

Sama Emmanuel Regional Delegate for Inades Formation North West region explains the importance of these civil documents and a follow up for sensitization. 

“Many children have dropped out of school because they never had Birth Certificates. Without a birth Certificate and a national identification card, you cannot have a marriage certificate. 
The culture of the Mbororo community doesn't encourage them to have marriage certificates. So from this sensitization workshop, awareness will be carried out in their communities so the rate of request of these civil status documents increases within the North West region.”

“We are going to do a follow up following the plan of action elaborated at various levels, we have their contacts and we will visit and also do calls on how the process is unfolding. A mobile telephone application has been developed to see that focal persons on the field can register these documents to avoid the stress of parents going to the councils.” Sama Emmanuel added 

Mbororos who are the highest victims of this, made promises to take the message home and change the mindset of the people who hold these documents with little or no value. 

Alhadji Sali Usmanu

Alhadji Sali Usmanu says there is no prohibition made by Islam for people to have their rights exhibited but its negligence by some parents. 

“To me it is just negligence by some parents that you find their children without Birth Certificates. Marriage Certificate is something which has to be really looked into because women are rarely recognized. Men think that women are under them so empowering women with such documents will one day be a problem.” 

Madam Yenban Patience

Yenban Patience from Ntanbang Community in Bamenda I subdivision highlighted some difficulties faced, noting the difficulties faced by women in their communities. 
Mbororo women have no say as domination by the men weigh them down. Her take home message was

“We mostly face Gender based violence. A mbororo woman has no say when it comes to decision making. Men will always dominate. My take home task from here is to sensitize my community on the importance of civil status documents. I will focus more on marriage Certificates.”  

This is an action Funded by PROCIVIS and implemented by INADES Formation Bamenda expected to run for 22 months. At the end of the project, at least 6000 persons will be sensitized on the importance of these civil status documents through workshops and radio. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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