COVID-19: Sisterspeak237 empowers persons with disabilities, brings hope

Omer Songwe handing over brailled COVID-19 Measures

The anglophone crisis and the coming of the coronavirus has had a great tool on persons with disabilities who are almost forgotten with actions to combat COVID-19

Pa Ngwa Abel

Ngwa Abel, a visually impaired had to flee from Bafut to Bamenda due to the Anglophone crisis

"I am a farmer. We sell to pay children's fees. With the coming of the anglophone crisis, we had to trek to Bamenda for safety" he lamented

The visually impaired IDP has not had any assistance from Government's humanitarian aid

"I have five children. Feeding is very difficult to come by. My house in Bafut was burgled and my doors, items made away with"

This is one of many reasons that prompted Sisterspeak237 to empower persons with disabilities combat the spread of the coronavirus

Project lead

Wanchia Cynthia, Project lead of Sisterspeak237 handed on behalf of her association to visually impaired brailled copies of anti COVID-19 messages

"Most of the responses this far are not inclusive. We have taken time to get the messages in braille and we will also have audio and video messages in the days ahead for those with hearing impairment"

The persons with disabilities were handed rice, soap, Maggi, salt and sanitary pads

Items handed to the persons with disabilities

Theresia Maju- a lady with mobility impairement expressed thanks to sisterspeak for coming to her aid

"My legs were paining me and one was amputated. Today, I have received many things from my sister's. May God continue to bless them" she smiled

Persons who live with disabilities are at risk of contracting the coronavirus especially from their caregivers

Wanchia Cynthia encouraged them to respect barrier measures put in place the Government of Cameroon and the world Health Organization

The support to persons with disabilities is under the banner; Gender and disability inclusive COVID-19 response in Cameroon. The project will be implemented in seven of the 10 regions of Cameroon and is funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives CFLI.

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Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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