Reconstructing NW/SW: UNDP puts plan in perspectives

Guidelines from the UNDP

The United Nations Development Program that is assisting the Government of Cameroon to rebuild the North West and South West Regions have unveiled a program that seeks to improve on the lives of the common man

The recovery program falls in line with the many reasons advanced in Bamenda and Buea by the National coordinator of the Presidential plan for the reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions

"The population of the the NW/SW are in critical need of livelihood and recovery support to be able to withstand future stresses and shocks on the short and longer term" UNDP Advances

Aid meant for IDPs

The crisis hit regions had been under Emergency Humanitarian aid to help Internally displaced persons get some relief. UNDP posits that the recovery assistance and humanitarian actions are distinct but complementary and will be operating simultaneously in the NW/SW

Houses burnt during the crisis

Houses and entire communities have been raze in English speaking Cameroon. Access to farms a near impossibility as hostilities between armed separatists and government forces continue 

In March 2020, the North West Development Authority, MIDENO hinted that an eminent food crisis looms over the North West should adequate care not been taken. These communities who also suffer from severe ghost towns and lockdowns will be provided recovery assistance in crisis and non-crisis setting by the UNDP

"Let the reconstruction process be Holistic," Paul Achobong told Minister Paul Tasong in Bamenda a fortnight ago. The United Nations Development Program will assist the Government of Cameroon to ensure that recovery is a  Community-centered process and with the participation of all stakeholders

Contrary to reports and a release signed last week by one of the separatist leaders, condemning the involvement of UNDP, the structure will engage with four key principles that is; independence, people-centered, needs based and local ownership

Cameroon is suffering from a crisis in it's English speaking Regions. The crisis erupted in 2016 with strike actions from teachers and Lawyers and moved into an armed conflict in 2017

Thousands of internally displaced persons are found in major cities across the Southern part of the country and many more in refugee camps in Nigeria

Paul Tasong, National coordinator of plan to reconstruct NW/SW

In Bamenda, Paul Tasong noted that being an IDP or refugee is not a permanent status. This gives hope to those fleeing for lack of houses that some 12000 houses the Minister noted will reconstructed in the North West and South West Regions


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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