Operation "Ngoke-Bui," Access road reopened, Population freed

bridge reconstructed by Defense forces as Kumbo council is charged with improving the state of theroad 

For two years and counting the people of Oku and Kumbo have had it difficult to ply the Kumbo-Oku road due to constant destruction of a bridge linking the two villages by separatist fighters

Friday July 3, a contingent of soldiers let by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain restored traffic along the said stretch. The destruction of the bridge had forced commuters to move to Babungo before heading for Oku

The restoration of traffic is one amongst several victories recorded by the military in their one week stay in Ngoketunjia and Bui Divisions. 

Items seized from separatist fighters

The operation known as "Ngoke-Bui" saw the military raid separatist hideouts in Ibal, Oku, Njikijem, Djottin, Tadu and other areas in Ngoketunjia Division

17 separatist fighters were killed. 12 on the field and five later died after suffering from gunshots. Five are currently hospitalised at the Shishong Catholic hospital responding to treatment

The over 500 soldiers who undertook the mission successfully destroyed 12 motorbikes which they could not carry along while some nine others were seized

Locally made explosives, artisanal guns, Dane guns, iron poles for the fabrication of artisanal guns, Marijuana, a gas bottle, Generators, solar panels, DVD players, and an office chair belonging to Bush Rambo were retrieved

General Nka Valere talking to the Press, Gen. Ekongwese Divine to the Right

Presenting these items to Generals Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine at the 51st support Battalion in Kumbo, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st Motorised infantry Brigade noted that the operation was difficult as bridges were cut off, roads rendered inaccessible as the separatist fighters flee from their camps

General Nka Valere, commander of the 5th Joint military Region, saluted the bravery of the soldiers while reminding the administration of Kumbo and Bui that the military is out to serve and protect them and not to kill them

"To the separatist fighters, the head of State had instructed that those who will drop their arms are forgiven and taken to the DDR(a centre of ex combatants)  but those that will continue with kidnapping, road blocks and other dangerous assignments, we will continue with the work on the field" he noted

Motorbikes retrieved

The operation comes after Bali I and II, Widikum-Bali, Bafut I and II where Military camps are being set up in these areas for the protection of the population

Chair of general Bush Rambo

General Nka Valere notes that this is the first time that 500 soldiers are involved in an operation

One soldier was killed, three others wounded as the defense and security forces conclude their one week stay in the area

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