North West: Sledgehammer falls on runaway civil servants, salaries suspended

Adolphe Lele L'Afrique chairs coordination and security meeting

The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique has proceeded to suspend the salaries of some 100 civil servants who are currently not rendering services in the restive North West Region

The suspension of the salaries followed a Regional discipline board meeting that authorised the Governor to proceed with the sanctions and will continue till civil servants all return to work in their duty post

Adolphe Lele L'Afrique made the announcement as he chaired the first Coordination and security meeting for 2020 in Bamenda on July 30th

Cross section of participants

The North West chief executive was not indifferent to the plights facing these civil servants but hinges that the security forces are on the alert across the region

"We know some of them are facing challenges and even the common man is facing challenges but the security forces are doing all to restore peace. We ask all those facing difficulties to report them to the appropriate quarters rather than running away" he explained

The North West Region has suffered road damages in the four year long crisis. The Babessi-Kumbo road that was newly constructed saw a ditch dug on it by separatist fighters. Other roads like the Bamenda-Babdjou is a nightmare.

Lele L'Afrique holds that from information handed to him, some companies are in the process to being selected to work between Matazem and Bamenda

The coordination and security meeting featured papers on the management of lands and management of National land and state property in Mezam and the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the region

The North West currently counts above 650 cases. This made the Governor to call for barrier measures to be strictly respected

"The increasing number of coronavirus cases and in spite of the barrier measures and sensitisation, the population is still ignorant with the spread at the community level"

Earlier on the Mayor to the Bamenda City council, Paul Achobong had called for a change of mindset for the prevailing chaos and disorder in the North West to come to an end. To this he noted that no one profits in chaos and disorder

The coordination and security meeting aims at fostering solidarity amongst government institutions in the region


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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