Mezam SDO Tasks DO to combat insecurity

New DO Bamenda II

The New Divisional Officer of Bamenda II, Nicolas Nkongho has been tasked to stamp out the spread of the coronavirus and insecurity in his area of command

The task was handed to the new sub prefect by Mezam SDO, Mooh Emile Simon on Thursday 2nd July 2020 

While commissioning the civil administrator, the SDO stressed that economic activities are begging for salvation with the acts of separatist fighters

Mezam SDO

Mbatu, Chomba and Nsongwa and parts of Mankon have come under serve gun battles and heads of individuals chopped-off. A cry the SDO says cannot continue in Bamenda II

He further challenged the DO to all on his powers to curb the sale.of illicit fuel which is rampant on the streets of Bamenda. Drug abuse by teenagers is also a call for concern

In his welcome address, Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter, promised the DO they will work hand-in-hand to improve the standard of living of Denizens of the Municipality

Bamenda II that is strategically located is a business hub and falls along the Bamenda-Enugu corridor that opens the subdivision to West Africa 

Nicolas Nkongho takes command

Nicolas Nkongho had previously served as second Assistant prefect for Boyo and Donga Mantung. He served Belo subdivision as DO before his transfer on June 10 to Bamenda II

Nicolas Nkongho takes over from Akwo Rocsegnol who has been transferred to Muyuka subdivision in the same capacity

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