Lebialem stands with Paul Tasong, ostracizes Chris Anu

Chris Anu

Based on a document circulating on social media, The Communication secretary of the self proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia Christopher Fobeneu Anu, popularly known as “Chris Anu” is being accused by Fons and Youths of Lebialem for propagating fake information, which discredits the personality of illustrius elite of the of the Division. 

This follows utterances made by the communication person indicating that Paul Tasong, The Minister delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, is in support of the acts which was recently witnessed in the Division. 

To him, the report made by BBC was incorrect and claimed that it would have been read as 

“The arms used by Ayeke for his brute actions were supplied by Minister Paul Tasong, because they are from the same village.” 
“Minister Paul Tasong has paid Ayeke and his boys not to only terrorize the communities, but equally to protect his construction workers building a market in that vicinity.” part of the document reads. 

To these youths, the allegations by Chris Anu is a means to tarnish the image of the Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West regions Paul Tasong, who is noted for his generosity in supporting developmental projects in the locality. 

Fons are not left out as they have also painted him black by revealing some facts about the communication person with one being the kidnapping of some 63 young boys and girls in M'mouckNgle Fondom,  Fossimondi Village between Sunday 12 July and Monday July 13, 2020.

Lebialem youths think he has been very active in the manipulation of peace in the area which has led to series of resignation from the ranks of the fighters like the case of Ayeke. 

They have all condemned these act and that of other separatis and have pledged their support behind Minister Paul Tasong and other initiatives by the government to effectively reinstate peace in the Division. 

Lebialem is a Division in South West Cameroon that covers an area of about 617 km². It's capital is Menji. The division has badly been affected by the ongoing sociopolitical unrest since its birth in 2016.

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