COVID-19: As cases surge, NW Governor takes action

NW Governor distributing facemasks at the Bamenda Main Market

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon and some barrier measures made public by the Prime Minister on March 17, 2020, the respect of these measures have been on a decline in the North West Region

The region was amongst the last to record a case of the virus. Three months down the line, 646 persons have been infected. Of this number 474 in Mezam Division alone

This is largely due to the fact that social distancing, frequent washing of hands, wearing of facemasks has been on a decline in the Region

Bars, markets and travel agencies continue to harbour a good number of persons who are not on the alert with the virus

At Amour Mezam

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique in the company of the Regional Delegate of Public Health went down the streets of Bamenda to sound the warning. He explained that play time is over and the next step is collective sanctions

At the Bamenda Central prison, the Governor saluted the administrators and inmates of the prison for their General cleanliness. This as the prison is yet to record a single case of the virus. He saluted the unit charge with the production of face masks. To this end, the Governor donated the sum of one million Francs to prison Authorities to equip themselves against the coronavirus

In bars, the Governor noticed that these measures were not respected and ordered for the sealing of some snack bars. At the health facilities, the personnel were upbeat about containing the spread of the disease to the admiration of the chief executive

"The Moral of the health personnel is high thanks to the decision taken by the Head of state to increase their retirement age and some medical equipment sent to them this week" he said

At the central Prison

The team also visited the Bamenda Regional hospital where some 21 rooms are being constructed to host the isolation ward. Work is accelerating at an acceptable speed though a high-tension pole passes on the site and will need to be shifted

The Governor also instructed the Divisional officers to set-up a task force that will inspect these premises twice every week to ensure that barrier measures are respected. Those who do not respect the measures will have their premises sealed 

He also instructed a total ban on the sale of traditional medicine in buses as the vendors talk to passengers without respecting social distancing.

At PMI Nkwen

The field visit, Thursday, 23rd July 2020 has been seen as a move to curb the spread of the virus in Bamenda. As at Press time, Bonanjo snack bar at T-Junction has been sealed


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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