Bamenda-Santa road: Commuters beg for God's Mercy

Spot around Tradex petrol station causing untold suffering to drivers

Commuters of the Bamenda-Santa road do not only need to brave the odds to ply that deplorable road but will also need the intervention of God to arrive at their destination on time

Road works on that stretch of the road was launched in May 2017. Three years after, it remains a nightmare

"Foundation stones" used to repair the road

Drivers on that stretch have been feeling the pinch and with the coming of the rainy season, plastic bottles blocked a culvert close to tradex before mile one Upstation forcing water to flow on the road thereby disturbing traffic circulation

When it rains, cars and bikes virtually move in water to the other ends of the road. It is for this reason that a joint effort from the Bamenda City council, the Regional Delegations of Public Works and Urban Development and housing decided to come to the aid of road users

Stones were poured on the road to make it more accessible while the Mayor of Bamenda I, Mbigha Felix mobilised his Municipality to clear the rubbish along the stream that have been blocking the smooth flow of water through the culvert 

Waste removed from culvert

Taxi drivers though thankful that the road is finally getting the much needed attention, cried foul that their tyres are paying for a sin they did not commit

"It takes us time to cross this stretch. We spent at least 15-20 minutes here and if you're not careful, you're tyres will burst open" a taxi driver whose name The Observer decides to conceals narrated

Buses leaving Bamenda on the night of Friday July 24th, spent close to an hour at the spot

The usage of "foundation stones" to rescue the roads of Bamenda have come under heavy criticisms after stones were used to "tar" the Sonac street, Ayaba street and Metta Quarters in Bamenda last year

North West Governor visits site

Thursday July 23, the Governor inspected the road and the measures put in place by the Delegations and Municipal Authorities to see the road passable. His recommendations were handed to the Mayor of the Bamenda City council, Paul Achobong

This reporter wonders if the only rescue measure from engineers in Bamenda will be heavy stones thrown on the streets which rather makes traffic circulation difficult


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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