Bamenda Regional Hospital: Postnatal ward breathes fresh air, pregnant women reassured of quality services

Renovated Maternity ward

The maternity ward of the Bamenda Regional hospital has received a face-lift as renovation works have been carried out on the structure

Constructed some 40 years ago, the old nature of the structure scared some pregnant women away from the medical facility

It is for this reason that the management committee of the Regional Hospital Bamenda was motivated to renovate this structure to suit sanitary conditions and comfort of nursing mothers and their babies.

NW Regional Delegate cuts ribbon

The Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh, appreciated the work done while encouraging nursing mothers to use the hospital facilities.

“I am happy today to be part of the inauguration, as we all know the maternity has been standing here for more than 40 years and needed the renovation. I want to heartily appreciate the management committee of this hospital for this initiative. We have only one regional regional Hospital in the region, we understand that due to the COVID-19, people are scared to come to the hospital but Coronavirus cases are not being managed in the maternity.”

To him, “life should be managed by encouraging pregnant women to use maternity services to have safe delivery and for a proper follow up by doctors.” Dr Che Soh added.

The Post Natal ward has a total of 48 beds and the F-ward has a total of 26 beds to give comfort to nursing mothers.  New beds, sheets, baby beds, nets, accompanied the renovation. 

Dr Nsame Denis

Dr Nsame Denis, Director of the Regional Hospital reminded the population of the subsidies made available for delivery. 

“I'll like to tell our fellow population that the government has put what is called obstetric kits meaning delivery in the  hospital is 6000frs and surgical delivery is 40,000frs subsidized by the state. These are strategies put in place to reduce maternal mortality and neonatal mortality.”

He opined on how infant mortality rate has to be reduced. 

“Our country has a big challenge which is how to reduce maternal mortality and the pillar is quality health care and good family planning, care of the infact through the infant welfare services through vaccinations against all sorts of infections. If our mothers and children are well then the population is healthy.” Dr Nsame Denis 

Madam Glory talks to The Observer

Madam Glory, a nursing mother comfirms the renovation and compares with the former. 

 "When I came to put to bed my first child, the beds, floor were all old. Things have changed now because we have new beds, hand wash sinks, tiled floor, news sheets, decorations and others."

The Hospital used to witnessed more than 300 births a month but due to the insecurity situation and the COVID-19 pandemic, the number has fallen to about 200 a month.

The renovated ward shows the commitment of the Director and Regional Delegate to fight against Maternal and infant mortality


Anye Nde Nsoh

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