After operation "Ngoke-Bui," Kumbo ready to take off

area view of Kumbo

Kumbo, capital of Bui Division is ready to continue it's infrastructural and structural development after separatist camps were dislodged in the area

The Divisional capital was already emerging after Bamenda but everything was halted at the wake of the Anglophone crisis

2nd Deputy Mayor of Kumbo

Sendze Evance, 2nd Deputy Mayor in a sober tone, laments the Kumbo of today

"The Kumbo we had before is not the Kumbo we have now. Kumbo is not fully safe for Administrative functioning. The people need a lot of Education to understand that the military is out to protect them. A lot of people are manipulated and they don't know what is happening"

He however expressed hope that many son's and daughters are returning home

Four of the six subdivisions in Bui speak the same language. To the first Assistant SDO, Roland Ngwese, this has been the main problem in denouncing separatist activities

"You can sit and all of a sudden everyone is closing their shops. The message has long been communicated in the mother's tongue. Everyone here sees the other as a brother, reasons why denouncing separatist activities is difficult"

The civil administrator and Deputy Mayor explained to the top military officers that Kumbo is in dire need of more security elements and vehicles to accompany the development plan that has been set up by the council

General Ekongwese Divine

General Ekongwese Divine, commander of the 5th Gendarmerie Region explained to the authorities their mission

"They are our children. They're not our enemies. This should be clear"

"Our children cannot be killing their parents, brothers, elders and military men who are their brothers. Their future is not in the bushes. They should come back and help you build this beautiful place" he said

He further said no one will follow them if they stop committing atrocities on the local population

The exchange between the authorities of Kumbo and Generals Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine comes after a seven-day military raid that took place in Ngoketunjia and Bui Divisions

17 separatist fighters were killed, five hospitalized meanwhile one soldier died and three wounded

The operation known as 'Ngoke-Bui' was commanded by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain

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