Tubah: Fan Club awards Mayor, recognises development strides

A fan club base in Bambili, Tubah subdivision has awarded it's Mayor, Tanjong Martin with a frame bearing words of encouragement

The Agho Oliver Fans club that brings together young leaders of the Municipality handed the award to the Mayor, eight days after an assassination attempt was made on his life

The award

Mayor Tanjong Martin on May 22nd  was attacked at his Bambili base Hotel by unidentified gunmen who wanted access to the compound. They shot at close range but could not break into the Hotel

While handing the award on Saturday May 30, the Fans club President Promise Fornjum praised the development efforts put in place by the Mayor amongst which is the tarring of road to link Bambui and Bambili, construction of bridges and culverts. A move he started shortly after winning the February 9 Municipal and legislative elections

Tanjong Martin was pleased that the young leaders are with him for the development of the Municipality

"This attack on my life means I should continue and work even harder. I am looking ahead" Tanjong said

The Fans club to support the vision of Hon Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament for Mezam North constituency was created to empower young leaders within the Tubah council area


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