Reconstruction of North West, Bali Mayor recommends Mental Rehabilitation

Mayor of Bali

The Mayor of Bali has recommended that the minds of the people should be rebuild first before structural works begin

Mayor Wandum Ernest was speaking as stakeholders of Mezam, Momo and Ngoketunjia presented their proposals to the National Commission of the Presidential Plan for the reconstruction of North West and South West Regions this Wednesday June 24

"I said before and I keep insisting that the mindset of the people have to be rebuild or reconstructed before works begin" he noted

Bali subdivision lost private homes, official buildings, state structures like the grandstand, the palace was desecrated

All these structures will need to be rehabilitated during the reconstruction process that will see some 12,000 houses to be reconstructed at the rate of 1.5 Million francs per home in the North West and South West Regions

The general outcry has been the readiness of the population to accept the projects. To the Mayor, the plan is a lofty idea

"The ideas are lofty. Visibility now depends on those of us who are on the field. It's normal that they have to conceive such an idea to extend an olive branch to the population." Mayor Wandum Ernest cited

Bamenda-Bali road blocked two weeks ago

Bali subdivision has suffered greatly from the activities of both Defense forces and separatist fighters. The Bali-Batibo highway has suffered from numerous road blocks, preventing goods and persons from accessing the Bamenda-Enugu corridor

Just less than a fortnight ago, security forces had to undergo an operation known as 'operation widi-Bali' to ensure the corridor from Bali to Widikum is passable

Falling to dictates from separatist leaders abroad is still the order of the day. A complete change of mind is what the Mayor recommends

The five day stay of the National coordinator, Paul Tasong and his Deputy, Donatus Njong to the North West is to ensure that property loss like houses, schools, hospitals, bridges and palaces are reconstructed

The Anglophone crisis started in October of 2016 and till date, propagandist of separation are yet to throw in the towel


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